A ‘new kid on the block’ in mental health of children and teens.

Who is amego?

amego is a certified youth psychology team, registered with the Dutch Youth Healthcare Quality Register (SKJ). Our focus lies on children and teenager’s mental wellbeing. We can help look into: Overactive behaviour / Attention problems / Conduct issues / Addiction
/ Negative thoughts / Mood swings / Low self-esteem / Anxiety.

amego’s support is available to English-speaking children up to the age of 17.

For children & adolescents

amego is a mental wellbeing team standing by to have a chat with you about your thoughts and feelings, when things aren’t going the way you’d like them to.

When you have a bad headache or a stomach bug, it’s considered normal to go to the doctor. It’s just as normal, if you often find yourself feeling sad, scared, or angry, to ask for help. Most of the time problems have a knack of solving themselves, maybe with the help of a friend or parent. Sometimes, though, a problem might not go away; things may even only seem to get worse. This is when amego can help out.

amego works together with you, you help us decide how the sessions take shape – rap or singing, painting, table tennis, something seemingly out of the ordinary;  you choose and we will form the sessions around that choice. This allows you to express yourself the way you want to, so things become clearer for the both of us. We also talk to your parent(s). The more we understand what’s up, the better the solutions we can come up with.

For parents

Do you have a feeling your child needs a bit of a hand from a third party? At amego you will be met with understanding and support.

Every therapeutic route starts with us getting to know each other. We choose to include the parent(s) as much as we can during the beginning, as their ‘expertise’ with regards to their child’s development is vital.

Nowadays many mental health professionals stick to one type of therapy. In contrast, amego follows the upcoming principal of ‘tailored care’. This means every therapeutic route is unique and that the sessions can take shape around music, movement or sport, artwork, etc. We do this so the child can express themselves the way they want to, not the way others want them to. This allows us, as well as themselves, to better understand the issues at hand so we can come up with better solutions.

Contact us

Is there something you would like to ask, or do you want to make an appointment? Give us a ring on +31618796594, or send us an e-mail (team@amego.info)


amego’s fee will be covered entirely by your local council, given that a doctor or other certified youth healthcare professional has provided you with a referral. This applies if you live in one of the councils within the West-Brabant Oost area (e.g. Breda, Drimmelen, or Oosterhout). Our services are VAT-exempt (we don’t charge VAT).

The tariff per session is as follows:

  • First get-together 45 minutes Free
  • 1 session 50 minutes €85,00

Appointments can be cancelled up to two hours before they are due to start, otherwise half a session will be charged.
Complaints? Send us an e-mail or give us a ring and we will get back to you as soon as we can.